Franklin, TN


September 2023

Who We Are

Skyline TN is truly unique. Skyline TN was birthed from a grass-roots movement that emerged as God stirred in the hearts of several families who recently transplanted to the Nashville area. This stirring has led to these families sharing the singular desire to share with others what they have experienced: a life lived with Jesus is the best possible life.


We are a group of people who believe in the simple but powerful message of the gospel of Jesus: that no one person is ever too far gone from God’s love, and all it takes is one encounter with Him to change their life today but also their eternity. We are a church family that is passionate about seeing the love of God transform the community around us.
And although some of us may be new to TN, we all live by the mission that has motivated us no matter what place we call home: TO HELP PEOPLE FIND AND FOLLOW JESUS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

Our Why

“I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” – Jesus (John 10:10)

We fully believe every word of Jesus. He has come to not just change your eternity but your life right now as you live in relationship with Him. We desire to be a community of believers that engages, encourages, and empowers others to live in relationship with Jesus. As we help more people do this, we believe God can change lives and change our community.

Meet the Pastors

Jeremy McGarity

Lead Pastor of Skyline Church

Sam Bauchmann

Tennessee Campus Pastor

Small Groups

Jesus poured into and changed the lives of 12 men through smaller and more intimate gatherings. These same men would not only become Jesus’ best friends, but they would carry on his ministry and change the world.As a church, we want to follow Jesus’ example. Community and deep friendships will be the heart of our church. And like the first 12 disciples, small groups will be the avenue through which God will disciple and change us so that we can impact the world around us!Check out our open small groups by clicking the button below!