Parents are their own private school and will file a simple Private School Affidavit (PSA) each year with the state to protect themselves and the SCA ministry. Support will be provided to guide parents through this process. As a homeschooling family, parents will hold all their children’s records, attendance, and grades. Trainings will be provided to help parents with record keeping. SKYLINE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY will not maintain records.

Skyline Church wants the freedom to support families and their children in growing and learning in all subject areas with a Biblical worldview embedded. We want to support parents in raising up the next generation for the Lord and protecting the freedoms of our parents and children. SKYLINE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Ministry is only open to Skyline Church Members and their children or grandchildren at this time.

Skyline Church members become the intergenerational community that will come alongside the parents to help raise, mentor and teach our children.

SKYLINE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is a ministry, not a school. All staff members and all volunteers must pass an extensive background check. All employees will complete a rigorous background check. All of the teachers and support staff will be interviewed first by an academy team and then with Skyline pastors. There will be ongoing review processes and monitoring of all the adults in this ministry.