Our Belief

The staff of Skyline Church is committed to building marriages, not simply performing wedding ceremonies. We desire for marriages, especially new ones, not just to survive but to thrive. 

**We limit our involvement with weddings to those where both the man and the woman either have a born-again relationship with Jesus Christ and can talk about that relationship openly, or are willing to consider accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We believe that as we follow God’s plan, success is a natural result. We look forward to sharing with you in this process.


We believe that God ordained the marriage relationship. We further believe that marriage is a holy institution created by Him for the mutual satisfaction of husband and wife and the orderly propagation of the human race. Therefore, we believe that the only marriage relationship is between one man and one woman.

It is our conviction that the stability of this union is based, not on a series of vows, but on an enduring selfless and spiritual commitment of husband and wife to each other and to the Lord they serve. It is, therefore, entered into only after careful consideration and preparation. We especially strive to nurture our people to see the value and symbolism of keeping themselves pure before the Lord and subsequently united by marriage.

We believe that no relationship, especially marriage, can be fully successful without being wholly committed to Jesus Christ. Unless you look to Him as your source of love and commitment, you can never fully experience the ecstasy, the satisfaction, the joy, and the exciting adventure God has planned for your marriage.

Getting Married? Start Here.

We require all couples who plan to be married by a Skyline Church pastor to attend and complete our Pre-Marital program.

Are you preparing for marriage and wondering about a Skyline pastor performing your wedding ceremony? We would love to talk with you more about how we can assist you as you take your next steps toward becoming husband and wife. This is truly an exciting moment in your life, and we consider it an honor to walk with you through the process.

Steps to Get Married at Skyline Church

Marriage Resources

Marriage Support

If your marriage is struggling or in crisis now, we want to help! In order to meet with a counselor or pastor, please complete the Marriage Support Intake Form below. Please give us much information as you can so we can best serve you.  You will receive a phone call from the marriage support team within 5 business days to discuss your desire for marriage support services.

If you have an immediate crisis need please submit the Marriage Support Intake Form below and call the church office. We will make every effort to have someone contact you and meet with you as quickly as possible. For prolonged or in-depth counseling you may be referred to a counselor for extended care.

Pre-Marital Classes

The Pre-Marital Classes are designed for both engaged and dating couples who are considering marriage. Couples should plan to register for this process at least 90 days before their wedding date to ensure completion before the wedding. Although we will strive to accommodate shorter start times, delays will depend on the number of current participants receiving this counsel. During the six weeks, participants will discuss Communication, Conflict Resolution, Grace, and Intimacy.

We require all couples who plan to be married by a Skyline Church pastor to attend and complete our Pre-Marital course.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital Counseling consists of an online assessment for the future husband and wife and four to eight sessions with a mentor couple, or Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee or Associate. The sessions address issues such as a Christ-centered marriage, expectations, finances, personality and communication styles, and handling conflict.

In order for us to accommodate every couple that desires to receive Premarital Counseling through Skyline Church, we recommend your wedding date to be at least 6 months out from the date you submit your request with us.

Premarital Counseling is for couples who are engaged and pursuing marriage, as well as, couples who are dating and thinking about marriage.