Small Groups


Cultivating friendships rooted in God’s Word, which produces leaders who live like Jesus.


Small Groups Semesters

  1. Spring Semester: February to April
    Enrollment begins in January


  2. Summer Semester: June to August
    Enrollment begins in May


  3. Fall Semester: October to December
    Enrollment begins in September




Our vision at Skyline is to be a safe place for people to find and follow Jesus seven days a week – Groups are the key ingredient to FOLLOWING Jesus. We are not a church with groups; we are a church of groups!



Hosting a Small Group – If you’ve got a PLACE, we have some PEOPLE!

You don’t need to lead a group to host one — if you are willing to let God use your home. To host a group, you simply fill out the form below and give us your address and times that are available for a group to meet.

Small Groups & Spiritual Rhythms

Spiritual Rhythm – a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement. 

The more we begin to implement Spiritual Rhythms into our lives, the more our daily life and church will become like Jesus. A life that is formed by Spiritual Rhythms entails particular practices that we want every group to experience and implement together. Click below for more information on some of the Spiritual Rhythms we implement at Skyline Church.

Frequently Asked Questions