Saved People Serve People

We are so glad you are interested in serving at Skyline Church! One of our core values is Ministry, and we like to say Saved People, Serve People. We have many different options for you to serve at our church, and we encourage you to find the area where you fit best!

Lakeside Campus Volunteers

Usher and Greeter: The purpose of our greeters and ushers is to serve visitors, guests, and church family alike, helping each person’s needs and answering any questions they may have. Ushers/Greeters pass out bulletins and greet each guest that arrives on a Sunday morning. They are expected to arrive 30 minutes before service and serve for one service.

Prayer Team: The purpose of the Prayer Ministry Team is to facilitate the move of the Holy Spirit in individuals and pray for each individual that is requesting prayer. Prayer team members are expected to arrive 30 minutes before service and stay 15 minutes after service to pray for anyone that needs prayer in the congregation.

Security: The purpose of the Security Team is to make sure that the campus and congregation is safe and secure every Sunday morning. They are required to come 30 minutes before service and stay 15 minutes after service to ensure the safety of the campus.

Facilities: The purpose of the facility team at Lakeside is to keep our church beautiful inside and out. It takes a faithful team of staff and volunteers to accomplish these goals. Volunteers would assist with maintenance-related tasks around the facility, including building and grounds maintenance, landscaping, painting, woodworking, and Sunday setup. They are expected to arrive 30 minutes before service and stay 15 minutes after service.

Cafe: Come be a part of the Skyline Cafe team.  We help serve coffee drinks on Sunday morning!

Skyline Kids Lakeside: Looking for dependable leaders and helpers to help serve our kids at our Lakeside Campus.

Global Missions Team

Skyline Church sends, partners, and supports missionaries and organizations fulfilling the Great Commission. Help plan and serve on both short-term and long-term trips.  Climb aboard as we help people find and follow Jesus SEVEN days a week all over the world!

Small Groups

Small Group Leader: Able to lead a group of people by facilitating small group questions from our sermon notes.

Small Group Host: Simply hosting a group of people in your home with enough parking for group size.

Small Group Co-Leader: Simply support the leader and host and work as a team to make a great group

Welcome Home Team: Helping make calls to those trying to get in a small group (Mid-Week)

Community Outreach

Join this team and be a part of the overall planning, development and deployment of events such as Random Acts of Kindness, Local Serve Day, Backpack Drive, Father’s Day Car Show, Trunk or Treat, etc.

Graphic Design/Photography

Print, Digital, and Motion Graphic Designers: We create a lot of graphics at church. We are looking for volunteers who can help create and design various materials for print and digital. We can use help with creating eye-catching graphics and engaging designs. It is a benefit if you have experience using Adobe Suite programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Lightroom.

Photographers: We love capturing all that is happening at Skyline Church. We are looking for photographers who have experience shooting lifestyle portraits and know how to capture the special moments that happen on campus.

Men's Ministry

Help support men in their roles as husbands, fathers, and faithful followers of Christ. Leadership opportunities are available in this vital ministry.  There are always opportunities to serve in the various men’s events: Men’s monthly gathering, Men’s breakfast, Men’s Annual Retreat, Men’s Superbowl Event, and the Dad’s Campout.

Women's Ministry

Event’s Team: Help with 5 main women’s events throughout the year.

Discipleship Leader: On a team with other women who are mentoring new believers who come into the ministry.

Small group Leader: Looking for women to lead a small group or serve as a Women’s Bible Study leader who leads a group Thursday mornings or evenings with the WBS team!

Co-Leader: This is someone who supports the main leader and can fill in at any time needed.

Prep Team for WBS (AM): This team helps set up WBS each Thursday morning.

Clean-Up Team for WBS (AM): This team helps tear down/clean up WBS Thursday morning.

Prep Team for WBS (PM): This team comes early on Thursday evening to help greet and set up anything for Thursday night bible study.

Clean-Up Team for WBS (PM): This team helps tear down/clean up WBS Thursday evenings.

Welcome Home Team (Calling and Welcoming New Women): This team calls our newcomers and those interested in bible study, new to the faith, or interested in hearing more about Jesus.

Connections Wall (Sunday Mornings): This is a team that comes and greets at the connect wall after each service.

Online Church Campus

Online Host: Online Hosts are like your welcome, next steps, and prayer teams—all in one. They play the important role of greeting attendees in the chat, answering questions, sharing helpful links and resources, and praying for people through one-on-one prayer.