Youth Rec Volleyball League

If you are interested in any volleyball updates, please email for more info!

  • All games on Saturdays
  • Practices 1X per week
  • Players Assessments Saturday, August 17 @ 9am
  • Season dates: September 7 – October 26

Club Basketball

  • Ages 8 – High School
  • Tryouts June 4  @ 6pm
  • Season runs June 22 – August 30
  • 2 practices per week, 1 game per week

Club Basketball Info

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The Skyline Dance program is a program that incorporates quality coaching with character development to create strong dancers who understand their gifts and talents and are able to use them to live fulfilling, successful lives. Character development lessons are incorporated once a week into our practices, where the girls learn about loving others, respect, kindness, and generosity to name a few. They perform throughout the county during the year and perform in a recital in May. Our costs are kept lower than almost anyone in San Diego County because we believe in offering quality coaching that anyone can afford no matter where they come from. We are also passionate about keeping all choreography, music and costuming, pure and age appropriate. Dance styles we offer are; jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, cheer, “Mommy and Me Ballet” and Preschool Dance Combo.


A combination of many forms including ballet, tap and rhythm movements. Sharp and strong movements characterize this dance form.

Tue 5:30-6:25pm—Beginning Jazz ages 6+

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This art form is the base of all dance and key to the growing dancers repertoire. This class includes traditional ballet movements and mechanics, focused on strength, flexibility and grace as a means to create a well rounded dancer.

Tue 4:30-5:25pm—Beginning Ballet Ages 6+

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A rhythmic dance style that uses the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. The sound is made by shoes that have a metal “tap” on the heel and toe. Rhythm and showmanship characterize this dance form.

Thu 4:30-5:25pm—Beginning Tap Ages 6+

Thu 6:40-7:30pm – Adult Tap

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This style is characterized by sharp movements, and strong angles. With an emphasis on jumps (toe touches, pike jump, X jump, herkie, hurdler, etc). Pom poms are used in this class.

Mon 5:30-6:25pm—Cheerleading Ages 6+

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Street dance style that uses hard hitting, strong movements. Musicality is emphasized and can include a wide range of styles such as breaking, locking, and popping.

Thu 5:30-6:25pm—Beginning Hip Hop Ages 9

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“Mommy and Me Ballet”

A ballet class for Mommy and toddler! A perfect intro for your child into ballet with mommy getting a Ballet type workout at the same time.

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Preschool Dance Combo (Ballet/Tap/Tumble)

For ages 3-5. A perfect class for your preschooler to be introduced to ballet, tap and tumbling all in one class.

Wed 10:15-11am—Mini Ballet/Tap/Tumbling Ages 3-5 

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A class that progresses from backbends to back tucks and beyond. Teaching kids correct tumbling technique with an emphasis on strength and reaching each Childs’ skill goal.

Mon 6:30-7:10pm —Beginning Tumbling Ages 6+ 

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