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Community Partners

Below is a list of Skylines community partners

East County Transitional Living Center

ECTLC provides life-transforming assistance to families and individuals through case-managed transitional living programs with the specific purpose of leading people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.


Sonshine Haven

Sonshine Haven, founded in 1991 by Mari Rothman,  blends the love and truth of  Jesus and the meeting of practical needs to the children in our community by way of after school Bible clubs in the public schools.  Our ministry overlaps the spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological, and developmental needs of children through our Life Skills program, day camp experiences, and holiday gifts. Currently, we are reaching out to our club kids and families in every way possible including Zoom Sonshine Clubs, home visits, and phone calls.  Sonshine Haven is run exclusively on donations.

CAPS (College Area Pregnancy Care Clinic)

CAPS Pregnancy Clinics is a medical pregnancy clinic with 4 locations in San Diego serving women and couples with unplanned pregnancies for over 20 years. With life-affirming counsel, resources and ultrasound, the vast majority of our patients make a decision for life! All services are free.




During the first few hours and days after a disaster strikes, emergency services could be overwhelmed, leaving families, neighborhoods and businesses on their own for hours or days. San Miguel Fire & Rescue personnel train and empower citizens in safe, effective neighborhood Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). San Miguel CERT instructors teach citizens to take life-saving action to help families, neighbors, businesses and communities get through the first few hours or days when emergency services are overwhelmed. The CERT program strives to familiarize citizens with the facts about what to expect following a major disaster in their community and to deliver the message about their responsibility for mitigation and preparedness. Through didactic and hands-on sessions they receive training in needed lifesaving skills with emphasis on decision making, rescuer safety, and doing the greatest good for the greatest number.

Pregnancy Care Clinic

Pregnancy Care Clinic

We exist to promote and protect the sanctity of human life, from a Biblical viewpoint, especially life in the womb.  To be a proactive voice and influence for life in our community with the ultimate goal of seeing abortion come to an end. To introduce our clients to Jesus Christ and proper avenues of discipleship.


Bread Ministry

Bread Ministry

The Skyline Bread Ministry picks up day old bread and baked goods after first service every

Sunday and delivers them to El Cajon Transitional Living Center. They distribute and use the

bread and baked goods as needed to our brothers and sisters in need.


Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry

We are Turning our Culture Around!  As concerned citizens, we pray, get educated and take action on issues undermining our Christian culture.  We defend and promote life, natural marriage, our constitutional and religious liberties, all while rediscovering the joy and privilege of being a citizen of the United States – under God.  We are preserving, as salt does, our Judeo-Christian Heritage. 

The Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry meets periodically on issues of importance.

Please contact Dran Reese to get on our mailing list for events, or for more info.