Rancho San Diego High School

Tuesday Nights

 7-9PM • Youth Center

Sunday Morning
High School Service

10:30AM • Youth Center

SkyHigh, meets in the Youth center, which includes an indoor basketball court, video games, live music, a cafe and so much more! SkyHigh is a great place to get connected, so if you are a high school student wanting to connect with friends, or a parent looking for a fun & safe place for your teen to grow in their faith, we want to invite you to come check us out!


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For more information contact: 

Zach Wilbur, High School Pastor (Rancho San Diego)
#: 619.660.5000 x5429 @: Zwilbur@skylinechurch.org

Lisa Amann, Youth Assistant (Rancho San Diego)
#: 619.660.5000 x5429 @: Lamann@skylinechurch.org