FEB. 23, 2018

Understanding The Threat (UTT) is a team of experts that will put global and domestic “terrorist attacks” into perspective. The presentation will provide: an overview of the jihadi threat to the United States today including the Muslim Brotherhood’s network; an understanding of Sharia, its foundation, its authority, and its relation to threats posed by jihadis; and critical principles and specific details of Sharia and how they are practically applied by jihadis today. UTT is the only organization in America providing citizens, police and state leaders the right tools to protect themselves and dismantle the threat.

The UTT Team:
John Guandolo – President/Founder of UTT. John is a combat veteran who served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance Officer of Marines, and spent nearly 13 years as a Special Agent with the FBI developing the government’s first training program on the Muslim Brotherhood network, sharia, and the enemy’s strategy. Mr. Guandolo was recruited by the Department of Defense out of the FBI to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat.

Chris Gaubatz – Vice President of UTT. Chris was the lead undercover in the most successful undercover operation in the United States since 9/11. Mr. Gaubatz became an intern at headquarters of Hamas in Washington, D.C., doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). As a result of his work, over 12,000 documents were removed from CAIR headquarters revealing patterns of fraud, sedition, and terrorism.

Billy Vaughn – UTT’s Director of Outreach. Billy is the Gold Star father of fallen Navy SEAL Team VI Special Warfare Operations Chief Aaron Carson Vaughn. Billy has become an advocate for our war fighters, exposing the criminal Rules of Engagement which have unnecessarily cost so many their lives.

Stephanie Ameiss – UTT’s Lead Investigator. Stephanie is a retired terrorism detective and the lead investigator for Understanding the Threat.

Registration required and IDs will be checked at the door. Email tburger@skylinechurch.org or call 619.660.5000 x5404.
Livestream will be available.


Apr. 6-8, 2018 | Pine Valley Bible Conference Center | Cost: $95

A weekend healing retreat for women who have experienced abortion. God wants to heal you and give you His beauty for your ashes (Isaiah 61:3) • Cost: $95 (6 meals & housing)

For more details or scholarship info, contact

Dana Siegel
#: 619.395.1272 or @: danarae.wright@gmail.com

MAY.07 – 18.2018

MAY 7 – 18, 2018


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