Hi! My name is Jil Kuljian and I am the Children’s Pastor here at Skyline Church! Let me just say straight up that I LOVE JESUS and I LOVE KIDS! I am passionate about helping kids experience the REAL love of Jesus in their lives as they learn and grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word.

Our key verse is Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world!” We believe that in a world so full of darkness, we must shine as bright as we can. Leading our children in the right direction can be no half hearted attempt because the stakes are too high. It’s time to…


The Get Real Children’s Ministry is a place where kids can go each Sunday to meet with a REAL God and receive REAL biblical instruction while having lots of FUN! Get Real is also a place where kids can recognize & GET REAL with their God-given gifts & talents as they are trained & equipped to minister to the body of Christ.

GET REAL gives children guidance through examples of biblical stories & principles that they experience through creative games, drama, puppetry, media & other forms of artistic expression. In Get Real, kids learn that a REAL relationship with Jesus includes worshipping, serving, praising, trusting, obeying & hiding God’s Word in their hearts. Our prayer is that our children will come to know that they are infinitely and unconditionally loved by God and out of that love they will SHINE their brightest for the glory of God!

Through our boldness our children will understand what our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ meant when He said, “You are the LIGHT of the world!” They must come to know that they are a generation who is called to SHINE!

Because this is our focus, you will notice that our classrooms all reflect this theme and each age or group has its own special Bible verse.

Elementary kids meet on the 4th floor in the Family Center

K-1st grade Glowing Stars “Glowing like stars forever.” Dan 12:3
2nd-3rd grade Shining Stars “Shining like stars in the sky.” Phil 2:15
4th-5th grade Super Stars “The LIGHT of the world!” Matt 5:14

Nursery & Preschool Classrooms are located on the 3rd floor in the Family Center

Nursery Sweet Little Lights “Truly the light is sweet.” Ecc 11:7
1’s Twinkling lights “Praise Him, all twinkling lights.” Ps 148:3
2’s Sparkling Lights “Sparkling like diamonds in the sun.” Ez 10:9
3’s Gleaming Lights “The gleaming brightness of God’s glory.” Heb 1:3
4’s Shining Lights “Shining with your gracious anointing.” Ps 84:9

Special Needs meets in room 317
For God, who said, “Let there be light in the darkness,” has made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the face of Jesus Christ. 2 Cor 4:6

Shine is a very special place for special kids who are loved & nurtured by Miss Tonya & her team. 


We encourage our parents to serve once a month in Get Real and see what we are up to!… Come and be a part of the ‘Generation called to shine’!


I am a parent of two boys and I want you to know that not only is your child’s spiritual formation our highest goal, but we are also committed to keeping your child safe while in our care. Here at Skyline, we have a very comprehensive plan for safety and care. Including…

• A thorough screening process for all volunteers identifying ministry workers with appropriate badges
• Our Courtesy Patrol – our Security team is always in place to be sure that your child leaves with you and to be sure that no strangers are on the floor.
• Never-alone-with-a-child rule – All classrooms will have at least 2 workers in the room
• Safe and secure sign-in/ pick up procedures• Staffing by ratios• Strict restroom policies
• Emergency evacuation procedures

• Wellness policies


Awana is an interactive program shared between adults and children ages 3 years old through High School. Small group Bible learning is the core along with games, story and snack time. Our goal is to root God’s Word within your child. Our mid-week spectacular runs from September through mid May. We meet Wednesday nights 6:30-8:00 pm. There is a $60 registration fee to join this program. Visit Awana.com for more information. We are currently looking for Awana leaders. No experience needed! Come have fun with us!

For questions regarding AWANA, please contact:

Dianne Farris, AWANA Coordinator 
#: 619.660.5000 x5482

We are into building a sense of community here in Get Real. We treasure REAL relationships and friendships because we believe that’s where ministry really happens! Therefore we hold many events throughout the year: FUN Nights, Outings, Family Events, Summer Sleepover Camp & Summer Day Camp are just a few.

For more information contact me or one of my wonderful assistants.

Jil Kuljian, Children’s Ministry Pastor
#: 619.660.5000 x5480 @: jkuljian@skylinechurch.org

Patty Fitch, Children’s Ministry Assistant 
#: 619.660.5000 x5491 @: pfitch@skylinechurch.org

Dianne Farris, Preschool Ministry Director / AWANA & Childcare Coordinator
#: 619.660.5000 x5482 @: dfarris@skylinechurch.org