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This discussion-based course helps both new and seasoned believers explore the essentials of the faith, form deep relationships, and invest in life at Skyline. If you’re wondering where to begin, this is it! We’ll examine our preconceptions of who God is, ask what it means to be truly free from sin, explore how each one of us has a role in the ongoing work of the church, and address a variety of other topics that are meant to spark thinking and discussion. You have a place at Skyline, and we want to help you discover where that place is!

Questions? Want to Sign up?

Contact: Phyllis (x5464 or pboaz@skylinechurch.org)

Sunday’s at 10:15am in Room M-1

Is God’s desire for your life a forethought or an afterthought? This discussion forum for business owners, leaders and professional people focuses on how to integrate our work plans with God’s plan. Come and get ideas, network, make friends and engage in thoughtful discussion about what it means to maximize our potential and dedicate every aspect of our lives to Gods glory. But Entrepreneuring for Christ isn’t just for those who have “made it” professionally. This warm and welcoming class opens their arms to everyone who is asking what the future may hold, what God has to say about it and how they can sharpen their personal leadership skills so that they can become an Entrepreneur for Christ.

Teacher: Pastor Skip Elmore (spilkington@skylinechurch.org)

Sunday’s at 7:30am in Pastor Butcher Chapel

In life we never stop learning, experiencing, and growing, and we never stop needing each other to help us with all of those things! Join this class for mature adults (55+) as they share life together and help one another continue to grow in Christ. Just because we’ve embarked on a journey into the second half of life doesn’t mean that we can’t live it with energy, passion and purpose! Join us while we learn how to celebrate and Remain Active in the Second Half!

Teachers: Rick DeLaTorre & Art Brown (spilkington@skylinechurch.org)

Sunday’s at 10:15am in Room 411

As Christians we are easily fooled into forgetting that we serve a miraculous God who is capable of miraculous things. William Carey, a missionary from the early 19th century, once said, “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” Through careful study of the the promises of God’s Word, and the fascinating stories of what God is doing around the world as told by the people who have been there, this class aims to expand our minds, encouraging us to dream big dreams of what God can do in our lives and in the world.

Teacher: Norval Brewer (spilkington@skylinechurch.org)

Sunday’s at 9:15am in Room M-3

The Word of God will change your life. This class studies from one to several books of the Bible each year.   We systematically work our way through the entirety of God’s Word. It is growth in the knowledge and truth of the Bible that will allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and change you into whom He wants you to be. Come and spend some good fellowship time with us as we study His Word together.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet, And a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Teacher: Jim Payton (spilkington@skylinechurch.org)

8:30AM | M-4

Strengthen and grow your relationship with God so that you can apply it to your marriage, children and daily life.  Teachers: David & Cris Ordaz  

For more information, contact:

Cris Ordaz
@: cordaz@skylinechurch.org

Sunday’s at 10:30am in Room 412

Have you ever been at the dinner table talking about religion, or politics? Sooner or later, somebody asks you to change the subject? In “Forbidden Table Talk,” controversial questions are welcomed rather than shoved under the rug, from those difficult Bible based beliefs, to social issues. All questions are welcome!

Teacher: Bob Siegel (spilkington@skylinechurch.org)

Sunday’s at 10:30am in Room 408 | 2 Become 1: A 1 Year Intensive – Enriching Your Marriage

Do you need more out of your marriage? Does your marriage feel like a “business partnership” where the once loving feelings have dissipated? Pastor Don Welch is offering a “2 Become One” church Connect class in a practically-based and slow-paced format. You’ll have opportunity to apply useful relational skills, discuss important questions pertaining to your relationship, and potentially overcome roadblocks leading to a vibrant marriage. This year’s 2 Become One Class will focus on how relationship science and biblical truths support each other in enriching your marriage.

Each week, your Bible and three relationship tools will serve as the centerpiece. You will have opportunity to understand the deep relationship truths of many BIBLICAL PERSONALITIES — and apply the truths through the Myers Briggs, DiSC and StrengthsFinder assessment application rarely experienced. There are over thirty biblical personalities targeted as the focus of our discussions. Your take aways include:

• Skills for resolving problems to solutions
• Insights into fair fighting
• Resources to slaying the Goliath’s in your life
• Applications for setting healthy relationship boundaries
• Truths defining healthy marriages and families
• Tools for parenting the difficult moments
• Integrations of integrity-building skills

Cost: $25 a couple

Teacher: Dr. Don Welch (spilkington@skylinechurch.org)

Sunday’s at 10:30am in Room M-3 

A class for women only focusing on finding our complete identity within the image of Christ, while developing a richer personal prayer life.

Teacher: Pam Luschei (pluschei@cox.net)

Sunday’s at 12pm in Room 415

We Are Committed To Your Wellbeing.

The Singles class is taught by Sher and Barbara Takahashi, who at one time, were single themselves. They met each other in the SALT (Single and Living the Truth) singles class taught by Pastor Bruce Smith. They have now been married for 12 years, and have a true desire to minister to singles. They are leading the Divorce ministry and mentoring singles that meet and are on the road to marriage.

To Unearth Buried Truths That Free People From Deep Pain. (Sher)

Truth frees people.  Jesus is the Truth.  He’s the Only One who can set the captives free.  Jesus is the Truth because God is a God of truth.  God cannot lie (Titus 1:2).  God hates lies.  Lies put people in bondage.  Lies make people sick.  Lies cause physical and mental illness. Lies violate trust.  Lies cause chaos.  Lies cause divorce.

To Ground People In Love That Enables Them To Thrive. (Barbara)

For you, thrive means to relax enough to blossom, to be accepted so you can develop, to be so assured and reassured (i.e. grounded) that you can focus on following Christ.  You can have peace!  And love!  And life!

Teachers: Sher & Barbara Takahashi (flynzero77@sbcglobal.net)

The seascape photo on this website was taken by our son-in-law. The single starfish in the center of the photo represents you in your singleness and yet surrounded by the turbulence of life. But, if you look into the sunset there are calm seas and a bright future.